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The way the role of IT is changing

No longer is it the role of IT to bring in the latest and greatest technology in the most cost effective way. IT management and the role of IT has started to become “Strategy-Oriented, Collaborative and more business Aware.” (Morgan, Jacob Inc. Aug 29, 2017) IT used to be a group of tech enthusiasts who kept the servers running in a basement data center, out of sight from the rest of the business. Today the role of IT has expended into every single business unit in the company. The IT management team is involved in almost all company projects and help make integral decisions on what new technologies to bring in and offer support to the business units on how to use existing data. Social Media has now become a business need versus a business want. Many IT departments have dedicated employees just to handle the day-to-day social media needs of each business unit. IT is becoming globally aware. IT employees have to keep an eye on growing trends and technology is constantly changing. Large on premise data centers are slowly being outsources to cloud companies such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Everyone in IT now shares the responsibility of keeping data and IP secure to reduce the threat of being hacked.

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  • The role of IT has shifted dramatically over the past few years. Companies have to adjust to the market that demands everything to be automated and interactive, and that’s where IT is the only department that can make that happen. Like you mentioned in your paragraph and we discussed in class, IT is creating value when its goals are aligned with the business goals. Technology today is crucial and it became a business need that no organization can function without it.

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