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Google’s Predictive Internet

Staying on top of the competition is one of Google’s main goals. It’s the newest method to doing this is incorporating predictive applications into all of its services. In order to make life even easier and less time consuming, Google is starting to text, web surf, and photo edit for you without you having to lift a finger! This adds a new system to their system architecture. We are starting to see this with Google’s Predictive Conversation. Applications like Gmail now contain smart replies that write a response email just by pushing one button. These responses are short and concise but still takes into account your writing style to give the other person you’re conversing with a personal feel. The next application in progress is Predictive Web surfing. Google’s changing the way we browse by adding preloaded links to the front of your google page, filled with all of your favorite links. This makes surfing the internet faster and returning to previous pages easier. The most interesting feature about this is the option to click a button similar to the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and it will take you to each of your most visited websites. Lastly, Google is looking to integrate Predictive Photo Editing. This application will allow picture you take to automatically be edited in the most common ways you like to edit. Another feature allows you to created animations and collages of a person or group of people with just a few clicks, greatly cutting the time that it normally takes to make these down.

Do you guys want to see this, or do you think it’s unnecessary? Please comment your thoughts!

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3 Responses to Google’s Predictive Internet

  • I think it is unnecessary. Those are the bright side of these new applications. However, people concern about their privacy and data breach risk more. Moreover, the auto-fill email function, faster web-surfing service, and photo editing are the easiest things in our daily life, I don’t think people mind spend a few seconds on these things. These are definitely fascinating and exciting technology, Google can use them to deal with complicated things in our lives.

  • I believe this is unnecessary as well. Even if Google could perfect the AI to the point where email replies were almost indistinguishable from an actual human reply I feel like we still need that human interaction to exists as a society. Yes, the argument can be made that this would free up our time for more important things, but I feel this is a slippery slope. At what point do machine learning and artificial intelligence threaten our way of life, our jobs, our human legacy. There is a running joke in I.T. from the (probably older than many of you reading this) movie “The Terminator”, that when Skynet becomes self-aware there will be no need for the human race to exist. I don’t think Google is close to becoming self-aware but let’s not forget to code these AI systems with some basic “human” compassion, just in case Skynet is listening.

  • I also believe this is unnecessary. These applications have a great concept, but I don’t think majority of the public would want to use the application. The main reason is because of the invasion of privacy. Already the public is skeptical about the government spying on its citizens. If they aren’t happy with the government doing it, they surely wouldn’t want Google to track all their information as well. I do think the Gmail application with smart replies is a neat feature, but I don’t think it’ll gain adoption if it’s risking our privacy. Recently, I saw a video about a news anchor traveling around Washington D.C with two cellular devices with no Internet or cellular access and at the end of the video he connects it to a device that reads all the metadata that is collected from Google. The part that stood out to me the most is when Google knew when he got in and out of the car when traveling. Below is a link of the video I am referencing. It’s really interesting, check it out.

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