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Cloud Computing is Changing Management


Many companies look for new opportunities to improve processes with new technologies. Cloud computing is seen as one of the most impactful informational technologies to date. One of the main ways information technology changes management is through changes in the way information is gathered. With cloud computing, information travels rapidly across computing systems and are able to handle larger workloads. This creates more flexibility in the work structure and moves IT away from being a cost center. When companies move to cloud, likely outcomes include changing how products are designed, closer collaboration between the IT department and other business units, and more customer interaction. Cloud Computing effects product design and customer experience because it become easier for companies to create products and services within the cloud. They are also able to model new products or marketing campaigns as cloud based software prototypes.

Do you think cloud computing is the best way to change management in terms of being innovative for companies?

3 Responses to Cloud Computing is Changing Management

  • I think that cloud computation is a good way for companies to change management and innovate. The benefits that it provides makes it a simple choice for a company that is using a system low on capacity or experiencing other issues. The cloud allows employees to work from home more efficiently while maximizing security and cutting costs. Even though most people don’t entirely understand what the cloud is or how it operates, they understand its asset to a company. Businesses will continue to update their legacy systems and move to the cloud.

  • I agree that cloud computing is changing the way that managers do work in a company. Cloud computing enables faster communication and information exchange between people in and outside of an organization. This will have a big impact on the way that people do work. Cloud storage has several benefits that will change organizations. Some of these benefits include “improving operations, supporting customers more effectively, enabling a flexible workspace, saving on infrastructure costs, storing data safely, and increasing productivity.” For example, cloud storage enables a flexible workspace because people can access their documents from anywhere they like. This allows people to work from home more often. Among the most cost-effective uses of cloud computing is saving on infrastructure costs. Companies no longer need to spend large amounts of money on servers or computers. Because of these benefits, I agree that cloud computing will change and innovate the way managers do work and save a company money.

  • I think it’s a good way for management on cutting cost and making the whole process easier, but no the best way yet. Although, the cloud computing improved the efficiency and effectiveness on information exchange. It’s not mature enough to construct a whole managing system from top level to basic level of a company. The requirement of cloud managing is more complicated than online data storage, it requires more flexible system and higher lever of security.

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