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Role of IT in the Future

In business, the role of IT is becoming more important than ever before. With technology constantly improving at a rapid pace, IT is finding itself having impact in multiple departments within an organization such as marketing, sales, and customer service. The value of IT is being noticed by higher management and “CEOs are leaning on IT to deliver a competitive advantage” (Newman, 2016). The gap between IT and business functions is diminishing and the two are being integrated. I believe organizations are in the process of reshaping its organizational structure to “IT is the Business” where the CIO will be expected to aidi the company make business decisions and be responsible for business outcomes. The article had one interesting point that with IT evolving and having influence on multiple business units, in the future, the demand of IT professionals who are not only tech savvy, but also have strong fundamental knowledge about the business. For example, project management requires knowledge in both, and must have the ability to translate technological concepts into easier terms for someone who is not as technical. But I do believe there’s room for individuals who do not have business understanding such as programmers. What do you think?

Newman, D. (2016, July 28). The Changing Role Of IT In The Future Of Business. Retrieved February 17, 2018, from

2 Responses to Role of IT in the Future

  • Great point Anthony! I agree with you that the gap is nearly gone between IT and business functions and how the modern day IT worker is now valued much higher. As stated in the article 34% of companies are seeing their IT departments as the driver of business and change across the workplace and in many cases the industry itself. Technology and business is an always changing employees and CIO’s alike must be competent in the functions of the business and how to give themselves the edge utilizing IT. Lastly, I do agree that certain individuals could easily bridge the gap from their IT knowledge to business understandings to be successful.

  • I feel the same about the IT and business gap. They are getting pretty similar and only gonna grow closer. IT is clearly becoming the driver of business and we have seen a lot of examples of this especially in the ability to cut jobs for employees. One huge example is the fully automated banks. In 2017, Bank of America opened three fully automated bank branches located in Denver, Colorado, and Minneapolis. These banks are mainly made of ATMs and video conferencing facilities for bankers who are off-site to help if needed. Ultimately, Bank of America is looking to get rid of employees and minimize their costs. This is all due to the growing role and power of IT.

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