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Can Immersive Reality be a new Business Opportunity?

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In our modern world where big data is key and growing faster than ever, businesspeople are faced with the dilemma of how to deal with such vast quantities of data and extract useful information from it. New ways to extract, transform, and load data visually will likely be the future of data analytics and immersive reality (e.g Virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degree imagery, and mixed reality) is a top contender for this role.

These technologies, though young in their life cycle, aren’t new, but have typically been used recreationally as opposed to having a business function, but that may soon change. Business-oriented augmented reality goggles such as the Microsoft HoloLens may change the way business people analyze big data within their firms. Different modules and applications like we find on our own computers will soon be accessible from our own vision, opening up many new possibilities. What do you think of immersive reality’s future in business?

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