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Facebook Control the Worlds Personal Data

In a lot of ways, Facebook is the ultimate Orwellian “Big Brother”. It is a massive machine that constantly collects personal information about every one of its 2 billion monthly users and then provides this information back to business owners who can then utilize this social media giant along with all of its data as a marketing platform. (Every business should be serious about using Facebook as a marketing platform I use it for Vitris and the targeting is incredible.) Just imagine how much information Facebook collects about its users on a daily basis; Mary changes her relationship status, John posts about his new car as well as checks into the dealership where he bought it, Frank moves to Philadelphia from New York City; it goes on and on. Everybody on Facebook is providing at least some of their personal information, and many people are providing a significant amount. Facebook’s users provide information about their age, where they live, what their interests are, where they were educated, what their activities are, and even who their friends are. From a data and analytics standpoint, this is incredible. Essentially 2 billion people have opted to provide countless pieces of their personal information and behavior, and businesses are able to utilize it at their will for their digital marketing efforts.


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  • I think that this is scary. The scary part of all of this is that if someone is able to hack this information they will have incredible power. Facebook contains everything about you and It’s difficult to know exactly what they collect. They never really show all of the things they are doing with your information and what they are taking from it. Some of the information they collect is where age, education, home address, and gender, and more. But Facebook also looks at all of the content that you watch or like, in addition to websites you surf when your off Facebook.

  • It’s definitely crazy how much personal data Facebook stores and even crazier how much we give it. Facebook isn’t a social media company; it’s a data company, and that will never change. We as users don’t pay monetarily to use Facebook, but instead provide the platform with our personal information that’s then used for advertising. At my work, we use Facebook ads to segment and target audiences and like you said, John, the targeting is incredible. We’re able to confidently target a person who’s in the market to buy a new vehicle of a specific make in a specific geographic location and serve him/her an advertisement to coerce the purchase. It’s insane how powerful it is. Even on sites with the “login with Facebook” button build upon the vast amount of data that we happily deliver the company. I always hear of people saying how crazy it is that Facebook ads “hear” them and show them things they’re thinking about, but they’re giving that information to Facebook themselves.

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