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Uber wants to start flying you to your destination

Uber has made a promise that it will invest and lead innovation for inner-city transport. The next move for Uber is Short-Haul flights ? The company’s head of products wants to offer customers more varieties and quicker ways to travel.
VTOL : Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft will allow ascending and descending like a helicopter but quick like a plane. The solution requires takeoff and landing to occur on rooftops of building as inner city streets are too populated even thought VTOL does not require a runaway. The functions of VTOL are similar to those of a drones with take off and lading being the same. The question will be if these aircraft’s will require a pilot or just be self-flying passengers to their destination.

Most of the engineering is being done by the military with The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency working on the VTOL X-Plane. With technology innovating so quickly talks of flying cars have always been talked about. Uber might be the first innovator to actually test out this product and see if it could be efficient for the future.

Will it be possible to have another transportation method which could locally fly passengers ? Is this method a danger to society or could it be helpful ?

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  • This technology is incredible, it would be very convenient to travel on one of these planes. It seems like a lot of big players are in the space, hopefully innovation speeds up so it’s ready sooner rather than later.

    Check out this company’s website, they have a video demonstrating their electric VTOL vehicle.

  • It would certainly be interesting if Uber was to progress with this idea as it would likely lead to a continuation of its success in the transportation industry. It would be helpful for passengers, but the dangers are also apparent as air travel will always bring safety concerns. This especially holds true if the crafts are self-flying.

  • I think that this idea is very thought out and could potentially solve the problem of heavy traffic. However, Uber is widely used and in high demand. I wonder how many would be accessible in each city. For example, Los Angeles which has a high population, would need a specific amount of these aircrafts in order to reduce traffic because if not, it would essentially be useless. In addition, how would Uber control the amount of aircrafts being used at the same time as this could potentially cause safety issues.

  • It would be awesome if Uber can get that going. Having drones fly people around for inner-city transportation would be very interesting to see. I think they would be used very frequently in cities where traffic is very high. Could also be helpful for getting people to hospitals more quickly. I think it is definitely possible to have another transportation device that could locally fly passengers, if a company wants to put enough time and resources into it. A flying vehicle probably could cause some safety problems, but I think it would be more helpful than harmful.

  • Absolutely helpful. But I think we’re a little far off from this becoming a widespread and accessible transportation method. Air travel is highly complex and expensive to maintain so even with full autonomy, providers like Uber will need to pay high maintenance bills to keep a fleet of these vehicles in the air. I think what’s more realistic in the next decade or so is the increase in autonomous ground travel, and hopefully a more robust high-speed rail travel. (Hyperloop?)

  • The future of transportation is looking pretty good with uber short-haul flights and musk’s hyperloop transit. It is a very exciting time for innovation and creativity, especially because the need for it is pressing. With cities over populating and people trying to get to their destinations fast, a solution like what Uber is promising will be a perfect solution. However, the biggest question is how safe it will be? and how affordable? these are the two biggest challenges for bringing a project like Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft uber to life.

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