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Apple may be prepping its biggest iPhone ever

Based on the report from Bloomberg on Monday, Apple is designing three new the largest version of iPhone, a upgraded version of iPhone X and a cheaper version is also in design progress. The largest version will contain an approximately 6.5 inches screen, made possible full screen design just like iPhone X or even better design (I don’t like current iPhone X full screen deisgn with a black bar on the top of the screen, that should not be called a “full screen”). Moreover, the new version with A12 processor and IOS12 is also expected. The upgraded edition of the current iPhone X is also expected to have the A12 processor, and Bloomberg says Apple is considering a gold color option for both high-end phones. The cheaper version of iPhone will have a similar design on iPhone X, but just like iPhone SE, it will carry lower level hardware.

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3 Responses to Apple may be prepping its biggest iPhone ever

  • To be honest, it seems Apple has lost its magic. “Bigger screen” should not be the headlining feature for a smartphone in 2018! Samsung has been outperforming Apple since the S6 edge. In my opinion, Apple only has a few years left to whip up something big, before the swing-voters migrate to android.

  • I wasn’t expecting new iPhone announcements this soon after the release of the iPhone X and iPhone 8. However, it does make sense that they’re announcing a bigger iPhone X as well as a cheaper one since sales weren’t as good as expected. It’s interesting to see smartphones constantly getting larger and blurring the lines between tablets and phones. Although I’m not interested in an unusually large screen, the cheaper iPhone X piques my interest since I still have an old iPhone model and am discouraged by the expensive price of the original iPhone X. I wonder if these larger iPhones are now becoming iPad replacements.

  • In my opinion, 6.5 inch screen is way too big and unnecessary. It would be larger than the Galaxy Note which can’t comfortably fit into most people’s pants pockets. I agree with Andrew and believe Apple has lost its innovative spirit. In the past few years, the iPhone isn’t much different between each generation. The iPhone X has the most notable changes, but it’s nothing new or innovative. Samsung already had these new iPhone X features such a facial recognition and Apple is just catching up to its competitors.

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