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The Technological Disruption Phenomenon

Technological disruption has been changing business and organizations at a rapid pace. A new technology or process is constantly being invented that changes industries and organizational strategies. The author of The Innovator’s Dilemma and Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen “sees disruptive innovation as a threat to everything from Microsoft to Japan.” I agree that innovation will increasingly disrupt business strategies worldwide, especially caused by technological advancements. For example, Blockbuster’s entire business model became obsolete due to technological disruptive innovation. Netflix and online streaming services put Blockbuster out of business. More and more business models will become obsolete due to innovative technology.

This topic relates to our class project. A difficulty that most teams have been facing is finding a business model that will be effective against competitors. Taking an approach to the class project with disruptive innovation in mind may be able to help the teams form more effective business models that will not be immediately disparaged. I think that the most effective new businesses usually have some sort of disruptive innovation.

How do you think disruptive innovation can apply to our class project?

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  • A mindset of disruption is critical to not just how we approach our project but also to how we conduct ourselves in our professional lives. Thinking in a disruptive way helps us to constantly think outside the box as opposed to maintaining the status quo.

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