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Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain are two new emerging technologies that can be revolutionary for business. In its current state, artificial intelligence is known as narrow or weak AI which means it is one dimensional and is only capable of accomplishing one task. For example, AI that can only drive cars or internet searches. Blockchain is a filing and storage system for encrypted digital information consisting of a public ledger and is best known for its use for cyptocurrencies. One benefits of the combined use of these two technologies is that they work well together. Although information is encrypted and secure of the blockchain, algorithms are still able to work with the data.  The information gained from AI can be hard to understand, but integrated with blockchain it can help  understand the logic and decisions made by AI. This is important if companies want to use this information to their advantage.

What do you think potential capabilities of AI and blockchain? In the future do you see companies using these two technologies together?

One Response to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

  • I think AI and blockchain together can improve information decentralization. Share control encourages data sharing with high accuracy information and lower cost. When blockchain used for data/information transfer, AI can improve on filtering data/information and distribution. Double Security, both blockchain network and AI’s autonomous nature of the machine can reduce the probability of a catastrophic occurrence. AI as the brain to allocate information on the blockchain.

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