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AI Can Now Accurately Diagnose Eye Diseases


Researches at the Shiley Eye Institute at UC San Diego Health and University of California San Diego School of Medicine along with researchers from Germany, China, and Texas, have created an Artificial Intelligence capable of quickly and reliably diagnosing patients with retinal diseases.

Thousands of tomographs non-invasively scan the iris and pupil of the eye to determine if a patient has an eye condition. This speeds the process of a diagnosis, enabling the patient to receive treatment quicker than a manual diagnosis.

Artificial Intelligence is certainly a hot topic of discussion, but it spans farther than smart speakers and self-driving cars. In this instance, a medical process is expedited without sacrificing accuracy. This use, though very niche, showcased just how AI can alter all aspects of our technology-driven world. What could be next?


2 Responses to AI Can Now Accurately Diagnose Eye Diseases

  • I hope AI continues to expand in the area of health care. You would think that AI and healthcare automation could help bring down the cost of health care for everyone and make better and more accurate diagnosis. With better diagnosis come better treatment. I can only think that the more AI and ML are involved in the future of healthcare the better the human race will be.

  • Healthcare is an industry that is going to be significantly affected and transformed from Artificial Intelligence. The use of AI to increase efficiency and expedite the process of patients being diagnosed with any condition, is going to improve the healthcare industry tremendously and I think that AI reliably diagnosing patients with retinal diseases is not only going to solve many problems in this specific area, but also be an opportunity for other areas in healthcare to address current issues and find ways for AI to improve them.

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