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3-D Printed Homes

1.2 billion people in the world live without adequate housing, according to a report by the World Resources Institute’s Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, but a company called ICON may have a cheaper solution for people who need homes at a low cost. The solution they have is to build these homes using 3-D printing. The 3-D printing method the company is using can create homes that are between 650-800 square feet and it is trying to get the cost to make these homes to around $4000. It only takes 12 to 24 hours to makes these homes and if everything goes according to plan then it will make a community of 100 homes in El Salvador next year. The company is also looking to the future potential of this technology to be used to build communities off-planet. The company thinks this can be a more promising habitat technology for space.

What are your thoughts on this technology? Do you think this could one day be used to build communities off-planet?

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  • Maybe one day there will be a combination of AI and the 3D print technology which allows engineer to have a better efficiency of designing buildings and constructing them.

  • I think 3-D printed homes can be used broadly in the future. There are already companies to sell 3-D house printers. These 3-D printed homes can build to defend against the harsh weather, and as a resource to protect people from natural disasters, because it only needs 24 hours to build a brand new house. Maybe in the future, people can build their own houses in a faster and cheaper way.

  • 3-D printed homes are very interesting. 3-D printing has been growing slowly and this is a huge break through. Building a house for such a small amount of money and within one day is amazing. I think this is will be a huge challenge for construction companies.These homes are built well enough to deal with weather issues and protect anyone who needs a house built in a quick, cheap, and effective way. I am very excited to see where this goes.

  • Before reading the article, I had no knowledge this was even out there. I think it’s really interesting and definitely can be used to build houses cheap and quick for less developed countries. This technology can help improve the quality of life of thousands of people and be disruptive to the market. I wonder how long one of these houses can be used for and what’s the quality of the homes. It’s quite fascinating how the uses of 3D printing has grown over. I do think this could be used to build communities off-planet if the environment is right.

  • I like the design of this 3d printed house. I could see these being built as temporary structures for natural disasters. I have to wonder about the profitability of building these units outside the US. The finishes applied to this property (post-print) look like at least 100 manhours. For icon to break even, I estimated these will have to sell for at least 5000 USD. Can the unemployed people that reside in shanty towns afford that price? Also, how could they finance the homes without a credit history if they can’t buy outright?

  • This is a highly interesting development in the housing industry. If this technology is going to be used to create entire neighborhoods for those less fortunate, could the current process of contracting and building houses soon be taken over by 3D printing entirely?

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