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Artificial Intelligence is changing the CIO’s role

The role of the Chief Information Officer has grown over the years. The disruptive potential of artificial intelligence, Internet of things and rapidly developing robotics technologies mean the role should become even high profile and strategic. CIOs at large enterprises must be prepared to play a more central role in their organization.

The rapid expansion of AI technology in the workplace is creating an ever-changing environment for IT departments. The AI revolution is not about providing tools to workers anymore, it is about creating a new type of organization.

The modern role of the CIO is vital to creating a stressful environment for the organization. CIOs job can help keep people at all levels on board and keep everyone involved in the process. AI technology can help with this.

Do you agree that AI is changing CIO’s role? What specifically did AI change in CIO’s role?

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  • Artificial Intelligence is making it possible for CIO’s to focus more of their time on business executive elements of their jobs. CIO’s can report to their CEO’s more often with this innovative technology. Not only is AI changing the role of the CIO, it is also changing the way that the employees operate as well. With the upcoming advances to AI, it makes me wonder if one day a major firm will be run by an AI bot.

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