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This Weather Startup Provides Hyperlocal Data To Customers Like Monsanto


“A no-maintenance weather station is important when you install in harsh environments that are exposed to dust, wind, and high temperatures,” said Giovanni Piccinni, Global Field Optimization and Production Sustainability Lead at Monsanto. “Having no moving parts is really key. It guarantees a continuous stream of high-quality data.”

IT is enhancing every industry and business around the world. But It is really impressing when an amazing technology can be environmentally friendly as well. This startup will provide real life accurate weather information that can be used to make decisions about irrigation, harvest times, and seed production.  The company can in the future offer the data it collects to different potential customers, from insurance companies to farms to governments.

I think this is brilliant, and the data collected by the sensors can be utilized in so many ways. Again, IT is IT, and it can be used to improve any product or service.

Were you impressed by this innovation? Can you think of any limitations to the use of the stations? Leave you comments and thoughts below!

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  • I think agriculture is an industry that will see a lot of change in the next few decades as technology is brought to our food-growing processes. Posts like these, but also self driving tractors and combines will dramatically change how our food is grown, and increase crop yields for the better.

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