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3-D Food Printing

One of the biggest growing markets the past couple of years revolves around 3D printing. This new phenomenon allows the creation of 3D objects from plastics, metals and other raw materials. Carbon fiber printers can create automobile prototypes with unbelievable precision. Other printers can create things such as toys, jewelry, home decorations and even clothes. Recent innovation have made a new frontier of 3d printing possible. Printers than can print cook and serve food at mass scales. The Foodini uses free ingredients loaded into stainless steel capsules to make foods like pizza, pasta, and brownies. Commercial kitchens have already taken this method in effect to save time and effort. The global population is expected to grow to an estimate of 9.6 billion people by 2050, and analyst project that food production will need to be raised by 50% to maintain current levels.

How will 3D printing revolutionize the way food is made ? Will these devices soon be sold to the public for personal needs ?

3 Responses to 3-D Food Printing

  • This is really interesting news. Before reading this article, I never heard about this before. 3-D printing is starting to seem like its trying to get into every industry because I just read an article where a company is using 3-D printing to make homes for a low cost. Now, if this 3-D food printing was to work, I think it will be useful in places that serve food to many people at a time. For example, I think this could be useful in places like homeless shelters to feed the many homeless people who need food. Also, I think this could be useful in school cafeterias where there are many students since it can serve food at mass scales.

  • I think 3-D food printing is a step up of the 3-D printing technology. 3-D food printing can bring out the art of the foods and balanced nutrition to our body. However, I think 3-D food printing would take time to sell to the public for personal needs. Like the article said, it’s time-consuming to make foods, and even the food will be more wholesome, people are still considering the flavor and ease of daily cooking.

  • The industrialization of everything is a trend of modern world. 3D print tech makes it possible to costumize needs whlie keeping the high efficiency of food production. It will be used in the food product line one the tech is mature. It will also raise the acceleration of industrialization in food industry.

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