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Techniques for Better Decision-making as a Business Manager

Business managers face incredibly complex and difficult decisions in their positions. Managers need to find techniques to make all the decisions they make in better ways. Managers face challenges such as having a too narrow focus, falling into confirmation bias, getting caught in short-term emotion, and being overconfident. These are all common fallacies in decision-making that all people face, not solely business managers. Another problem that managers face is not making decisions based on integrative thinking. They do not consider certain factors that are essential to the decision they are making. Integrative decision-making can improve “critical thinking, creativity, pleasing multiple audiences, and satisfying workers.”

Integrative thinking will widen a manager’s viewpoint. It will allow managers to consider factors that would not have been factored into a traditional decision. Executing integrative thinking can be done by following the “Process of integrative thinking.” Managers will consider salience, causality, sequencing, and resolution when making integrative decisions. “Integrative thinkers understand that they are engaged in a creative process that avoids easy, pat, or formulaic answers.”

Better decision-making can be made by business managers by trying to reverse natural tendencies for bias. “Rational thinking is prone to several biases and problems.” Numerous methods and techniques exist to reduce this natural bias in decision-making, and they should be followed to improve decisions. Some examples of these are to “widen your options, reality-test your assumptions, attain distance before deciding, and prepare to be wrong.”

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