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Top paying skills in tech

We all have our own definitions of success, but annual compensation is objectively an enticing reward. No matter what your passions are outside of the workplace, it is always better to get $100 per hour rather than $50. As long as we seek career progression, we must keep an eye on the list of tech skills with the highest demand. By shifting your responsibilities into the direction of one of these top skills, you improve your chances of high compensation, job availability, and upward mobility.

I recommend picking up one skill each year with some proximity to your current role, to develop outside of work. For example, a software engineer may be interested in neural networks, a systems developer may be interested in the AWS ecosystem, or a business lead may be interested in six sigma. This year, I think I will be looking at deploying some simple smart contracts, as that space is interesting to me at the moment.

Are you working on any tech skills outside of school that you think could help your future job prospects?

6 Responses to Top paying skills in tech

  • I’m currently reading through a book on machine learning and neural networks using scikit-learn in python. It’s definitely dense to read, but being able to grasp this skill is really awesome.

  • In order to stay relevant in the IT field, you need to keep up with new technologies. Certifications are a great way to polish an existing skill or learn a new one. I have worked the IT field for 20+ years and have both self-studied and taken instructor-led classes in order to keep my skill set fresh and updated. I want to make the transition from my role in infrastructure to a security role at my current employer. The first thing I did was start studying for the CompTIA Security+ certificate. This isn’t a cert that will open doors necessarily, but it shows that I have a mastery of a broad range of security concepts. My experience from my years of being a Windows, Linux and Virtualization Administrator will also help in making this transition. The IT field has been very good to me over the years, but I know it’s also not a place to become complacent. Keep up with technology and you will always have the skills employers are looking for.

  • It will definitely help to have technology skills because now more than ever technology is continuously advancing. If you have the necessary skills a firm is looking for there will always be an opportunity. Even if you are not in a technical role, knowing technology skills will help you understand it. Understanding technology is an important skill because you can apply that to make business decisions.

  • Yes, I am improving my technical skills most all the time. Participating in data analytics competition and internship allow me to apply the things from class and most of the time requires me to learn. If I were work in a technical position in a changing world, I think those pressures will push me to learn more and quickly. Therefore, it’s important to keep up with advanced technology for people whose job is tech-related.

  • Technical skills are so important. Its relevant in every aspect of business and I currently use it at my internship to maximize efficiency. Even if your company or position is not technical, knowing these skill will make you stand out compared to other people and its amazing to apply this to any business decision.

  • Tech skills almost become the most popular hard skills needed in the daily work. It’s straight forward, and easy to find the level of the skill. It always makes HR easier to recruit. Tech skill is always relevant to innovations, not just learning but creating.

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