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It’s Me, Not You — Our Dysfunctional Artificial Intelligence Relationship

It seems that people, especially companise, need to reconsider the relationships between us and AI implementation after the Facebook scandal about the election. Google was able to do this after two decades of research, curating collections and observing our every move. Apple too has tracked our app usage, music preferences, and daily lives through its iCloud. And Facebook sees our public and private conversations, what we share, and our personal opinions. A lot of companise phuechase AI service for a efficient achivement. When using the AI service, we also ignore the observation principle and lack of accurate data. It remains us that we still need to have business milestones, create an education strategy, create the curriculum that of AI use and be realistic with result horizons.


Apple may be prepping its biggest iPhone ever

Based on the report from Bloomberg on Monday, Apple is designing three new the largest version of iPhone, a upgraded version of iPhone X and a cheaper version is also in design progress. The largest version will contain an approximately 6.5 inches screen, made possible full screen design just like iPhone X or even better design (I don’t like current iPhone X full screen deisgn with a black bar on the top of the screen, that should not be called a “full screen”). Moreover, the new version with A12 processor and IOS12 is also expected. The upgraded edition of the current iPhone X is also expected to have the A12 processor, and Bloomberg says Apple is considering a gold color option for both high-end phones. The cheaper version of iPhone will have a similar design on iPhone X, but just like iPhone SE, it will carry lower level hardware.

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Why Microsoft Is Ruling The Cloud, IBM Is Matching Amazon, And Google Is $15 Billion Behind

The demand of cloud computing service is rapidly increasing these years. It seems that the advantages of cloud service – live  & fresh management portal, less expensive, more flexible, full availability and convenient – had been well noticed by both large cooperation and  small business. These advantages provide a more efficient method of daily operations for a company which aroused and provided a huge opportunities for the service provider. Azure from Microsoft, AWS from Amazon and IBM cloud service keep leading this industry since the service was explored. In 2017, most of the big cloud service companies earned a revenue acceleration rate between 30% and 50%. Now, Google is working on their own cloud service and they had a good beginning in 2017.

As mentioned in article, different cloud service provider has their own characteristics and advantages. Based on current financial and technical background of Google, what do you think it will break through the market and build their own product advantage?

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