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Jurgen Aliaj

3-D Food Printing

One of the biggest growing markets the past couple of years revolves around 3D printing. This new phenomenon allows the creation of 3D objects from plastics, metals and other raw materials. Carbon fiber printers can create automobile prototypes with unbelievable precision. Other printers can create things such as toys, jewelry, home decorations and even clothes. Recent innovation have made a new frontier of 3d printing possible. Printers than can print cook and serve food at mass scales. The Foodini uses free ingredients loaded into stainless steel capsules to make foods like pizza, pasta, and brownies. Commercial kitchens have already taken this method in effect to save time and effort. The global population is expected to grow to an estimate of 9.6 billion people by 2050, and analyst project that food production will need to be raised by 50% to maintain current levels.

How will 3D printing revolutionize the way food is made ? Will these devices soon be sold to the public for personal needs ?

Uber wants to start flying you to your destination

Uber has made a promise that it will invest and lead innovation for inner-city transport. The next move for Uber is Short-Haul flights ? The company’s head of products wants to offer customers more varieties and quicker ways to travel.
VTOL : Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft will allow ascending and descending like a helicopter but quick like a plane. The solution requires takeoff and landing to occur on rooftops of building as inner city streets are too populated even thought VTOL does not require a runaway. The functions of VTOL are similar to those of a drones with take off and lading being the same. The question will be if these aircraft’s will require a pilot or just be self-flying passengers to their destination.

Most of the engineering is being done by the military with The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency working on the VTOL X-Plane. With technology innovating so quickly talks of flying cars have always been talked about. Uber might be the first innovator to actually test out this product and see if it could be efficient for the future.

Will it be possible to have another transportation method which could locally fly passengers ? Is this method a danger to society or could it be helpful ?

The Future of Automobiles

Technology is advancing every day and it is also reshaping our driving experience.  What the world has been accustomed to in driving for the past 50 – 60 years is forever changing.  Cars are increasingly becoming electric and will eventually overtake the market. With almost all car manufactures investing in production of electric cars a strong statement has been set out on the importance of electricity. Car manufactures are also investing in car charging networks along America’s highways as more people purchase these type of vehicles.

Advances in sensors and computer software are also making self-driving cars possible. Many newer vehicles can already pretty much drive themselves with humans making minimal intervention. The difficult part about self-driving cars will be the ability to drive in complex urban environments. Places where traffic lights and pedestrians are rapidly changing for sensors to quickly detect. With so much taken from the driving experience car-sharing is becoming more popular. Users are sharing their cars when they don’t need them to companies like lyft and Uber so other drivers can make money. Technology is reshaping automobiles and soon the driving experience will forever change.

Do you think self-driving cars will bring a positive or negative driving experience in the future ? Will gasoline and diesel powered cars soon diminish on the roads ? How much has Uber and lyft already changed on the driving experience ?