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The Surprising Secret Of Microsoft’s Financial Success

When you think of “IT” or “profit” what is the first thing that comes to mind ? Definitely not compassion!!

As surprising as it is, compassion is actually Microsoft’s secret to financial success. The company’s CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning “ compassion is a crucial component of business. We are in the business of basically meeting unmet, unarticulated needs of customers, And there’s no way you’re going to be able to get that consistently right if you don’t have that deep sense of empathy, or being able to see what others are seeing.”

In a way that only a genius can think of, Nadella turned compassion into profit. He always entices his team members to be ethical, transparent, and honest. In a world where we think that all big organizations are corrupt, it is refreshing to have a big company like Microsoft have integrity but most importanly attribute their success to havinng integrity and compassion.

Are big corporations honestly ethical or they just project that image to the public? Is compassion that important in making the success of an IT company?

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The way the role of IT is changing

No longer is it the role of IT to bring in the latest and greatest technology in the most cost effective way. IT management and the role of IT has started to become “Strategy-Oriented, Collaborative and more business Aware.” (Morgan, Jacob Inc. Aug 29, 2017) IT used to be a group of tech enthusiasts who kept the servers running in a basement data center, out of sight from the rest of the business. Today the role of IT has expended into every single business unit in the company. The IT management team is involved in almost all company projects and help make integral decisions on what new technologies to bring in and offer support to the business units on how to use existing data. Social Media has now become a business need versus a business want. Many IT departments have dedicated employees just to handle the day-to-day social media needs of each business unit. IT is becoming globally aware. IT employees have to keep an eye on growing trends and technology is constantly changing. Large on premise data centers are slowly being outsources to cloud companies such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Everyone in IT now shares the responsibility of keeping data and IP secure to reduce the threat of being hacked.

Wearable Tech in The Workplace: Privacy Issue?

Reports have surfaced that Amazon has filed patents for electronic tracking wristbands that would be worn by its warehouse employees. Although the descriptions for the patents explain that the sole purpose of the wristbands would be to collect data about inventory, the wearable technology would most likely gather tons of data on the employees as well. Essentially, the wristbands would track the products handled by the employees and vibrate to guide the employees’ movements to increase efficiency.

Amazon’s warehouse workers have already been complaining of poor working conditions, and this has the potential to be viewed as an invasion of privacy if implemented. Amazon believes that the technology could greatly improve the productivity of its workers while giving them less time using scanners or computers. However, others think it would be an unethical method and could strain relationships with employees even further.

What do you think? Does company-issued wearable tech belong in the workplace? Is it ethical and productive? Or will it only hurt Amazon’s relationship with its workers?