Instructor: David Schuff, Section 003

CVS Health Investing Back Into Their Business

After the US Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, CVS Health has made improvements to its business. They are making changes to their employment systems. This act allows them to share in the tax savings. CVS Health has decided to invest in three programs that will enhance their employee benefits and wages. One program is meant to increase the starting wage for hourly employees. This change will affect almost all employees, regardless what department they work for. The second program will allow for affordable health care. CVS will not increase premiums and absorb entire cost for medical and prescription costs. Lastly, the final program allows for paid maternity leave for up to four weeks. This is a new addition to the company benefits.

With these changes, CVS Health is aiming to create long-term and sustainable changes. It is “part of their ongoing commitment to their patients, customers and communities [they] serve…” They want to show that they value their employees. It is due to them that the company strives each and every day.




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