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Be more like Tesla

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Soon cars like Ford F-150 can be fully electric and compete with their own gas and diesel counterparts according to Wall Street Journal. Ford is planning to invest $11 billion dollars in electric car development to grab some of the customers from Tesla. This initiative is part of a $70 billion investment by major car manufacturers like Porsche, Jaguar, and Toyota. While current interest from American consumers is low, it has grown over 1000% since 2011. To relate this to what we learned, Ford is trying to serve undershot customers to whom existing products are not enough. While Tesla models and other manufacturers have a reasonably good market offering, their models are too expensive when compared to their gas counterparts. Additionally, Tesla’s and GM products don’t serve the same needs for customers like a Ford electric truck would. While Ford does not create a disruptive innovation, it could change the electric marketplace by driving the prices of electric cars down by offering a greater variety of electric cars. Do you think there are any potential innovations in the electric car market? What advantages do you think Ford has over Tesla or GM? Would you purchase an electric car in the future?


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  • Tym,

    I really enjoy the idea of our country moving towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation model. It is clear that Ford isn’t producing any groundbreaking and disruptive innovation, but one can see that the market is shifting in a way that will likely result in some sort of disruptive innovation. The quicker gas and diesel are phased out, the greater a platform there will be for electric transportation to take the mainstage and prove its relevancy in this place and time. I personally find the appeal of an electric truck to be higher than the gas-powered, as their inefficiency is my main deterrent. Affordability will be an issue as always, but I can envision a future where the market has completely shifted.

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