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AI Takes the Fashion Industry

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While it may seem strange, the fashion industry is predicted to be one of the next industries disrupted by artificial intelligence. The application Pureple offers many fashion-related services, including suggesting outfits based off of pictures that users submit of the clothes in their closet. Like Tinder, users can swipe left or right on outfits based off of their preferences. One current shortcoming of this application is its current “tedious upkeep” with submitting pictures. Many other platforms like Pureple exist, from Kim Kardashian-West’s Screenshop to Amazon’s Echo Look. Amazon has “developed an algorithm that learns about a particular style of fashion from images, and can then generate new items in similar styles from scratch”, and plans to incorporate this into the Echo Look application. What other future innovations could make this type of application more useful to users? Do you think that this type of application would be successful enough to turn users away from human designers and personal shoppers?


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  • Hi Tessa — Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t heard of Pureple until your post, so it was interesting to learn more about it. I think it’s a neat idea, and I think it definitely has the potential to displace personal shoppers and stylists since I’m sure it’s much more cost friendly and would make having a “personal stylist” more accessible to a wider range of people. I’m not sure how to get around the process of manually uploading photos of items in your closet, but maybe to supplement, the app could have a library of more universal items, like a basic white tee and distressed skinny jeans that could be shown to users so they wouldn’t necessarily have to take pictures of items like that. I see a lot of potential to partner with online retailers with the app too. For example, the app could offer suggestions about pieces that would compliment a clothing item that someone already has and then provide a way for people to then purchase those items through the third party retailer.

  • Hi Tessa,

    Interesting post! I had never heard of AI in the fashion industry before reading this. I think your second question is really interesting, I think that not only would this turn some users away from human designers but also will more importantly bring new customers to this space. I think there are a lot of people who would not pay for a designer either because of the cost or because the inconvenience of the experience but this app could change that with lower costs and the ability to do it all from your phone. I am curious to see how this app and technologies like this shape the Fashion Industry in years to come. Thanks for sharing!

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