Instructor: David Schuff, Section 003

AI in Health Care for the Better

Artificial Intelligence is becoming or is already a part of every industry that exists. It will only continue to expand further because it has proven benefits with businesses and consumers. Health care is one of the many industries that AI has impacted. According to Accenture Research, their data predicts from 2018 to 2022, employment in health care will increase by 15% and revenues by 49%. This will be due to the greater interaction between humans and machines. Specifically in health care, AI has brought unique capabilities to the industry. AI now has the capability to identify breast cancer cells with greater precision, increasing accuracy from 96% to 99.5%. Also, with elder care, robots are now reminding patients to take medication and lead them through physical and cognitive exercises. And lastly, there are AI technology that provide greater precision with surgeries. Surgeons are able to sit at a console and nudge the joystick which controls the robotic arms. This eliminates the possibility of human jitters and involuntary tremors. These are a few of the many ways machines are advancing in health care industries. At the pace where AI advancement is growing, will this continue to be proven beneficial or will it come to a point where it becomes extreme?



One Response to AI in Health Care for the Better

  • Looking at the data you presented and the general trend of AI applications, I think AI will keep advancing in general in the healthcare industry. While there are some cases that I can see them being extreme (making intuitive decisions), AI will use Machine Learning to become better at predicting, simulating, and executing a specific human operation with a much better accuracy than a human could. With that, I don’t think people will trust these methods until they are generally adopted and shown to be effective through independent experiments. Like you described, robots will be able to replace as assistants to do mundane tasks which they already show through simple tasks. While this will put some people out of work, the general value added will exceed the job losses. Humans should be able to do more meaningful jobs in my opinion.

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