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Salesforce bets on AI-Driven Growth

Salesforce, in September 2016, bet on AI to grow its customer relationship management and it looks like that bet has slowly, but surely, paid off. In the two years since it was introduced, Salesforce’s Einstein has delivered millions upon millions of predictions to Salesforce customers and the company is continuing to grow its power by acquiring more data accessing capabilities for Einstein to deepen its abilities.

This has also provided financial results as Salesforce has seen 25% growth in the previous Jan 31 fiscal year with stocks skyrocketing as a result. Now Salesforce must change the face of its AI, making sure that consumers see the deep skill difference between Salesforce’s Einstein and the simple language processing skills of assistants like Alexa and Siri.


2 Responses to Salesforce bets on AI-Driven Growth

  • Hey Alan! You pointed out really great points from this article. This just shows more of how AI is beneficial to so many companies. Slowly, but surely, it pays off implementing these technologies. Especially when it concerns dealing with consumers. Consumers are the toughest to distinguish when it comes to their wants and needs because it changes so quickly and easily.

  • Hi Alan,

    For a company like Salesforce where data literally drives the entire business, a technology like this was a long time coming. As time progresses on, more and more applications are being developed using customer-centric data eventually I believe we will see data driven decisioning in nearly every industry imaginable. It’s very invigorating to be alive during this crucial time for technology and knowing that we as young professionals will get to grow old and develop alongside such technologies. Furthermore, now that financial benefits are being reaped across industries who likely never imagined seemingly “random” customer data being of any benefit to them, there is likely a stronger case for the development of AI-based and data-driven technology in all types of businesses. Stories like this brighten the future and help show what we might experience within the next few decades.

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