Instructor: David Schuff, Section 003

Slide Decks

The slide decks in this class are essentially our textbook. They contain all the core material you’ll need for the course.

Some guidelines:

  • Check the schedule for the dates we are covering the material in each slide deck. Make sure you bring that session’s slide deck with you to class.
  • You should take some time and review the slide deck prior to class.
  • You should still take notes during class.

Here they are:

  1. Persuasion and Communication with Decks (Supplement)
  2. Systems and Enterprise IT | Enterprise Architecture for CdS
  3. IT Structure and Roles
  4. IT Value | Gartner Four Futures Summary | Capstone Financial Analysis
  5. Disruptive Innovation (password protected: see the gradebook for “Deck Password”)
  6. Guidelines for Your Capstone Project Deliverables
  7. Putting It All Together
Where and when do we meet?
Alter Hall 603
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