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ADTRAN, INC example of an “IT as Engine Room” organization


ADTRAN _ Reinventing the Network

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I found this press release on a company that related to our class discussion from the other day. ADTRAN, INC. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment. It is reinventing the network with its industry-leading solutions that enable voice, data, video and Internet communcaition across a variety of network infrastructure allowing its customers to evolve, change, and grow.

Which of the four models do you feel this company falls under in regards to its enterprise focus? Why?

I feel this company falls under “IT as Engine Room.” Furthermore, when I was reading this press release I started thinking of something more personal. Financial management practices are not just for companies, so even though our class discussion was focused on financial management practices within a company. I wanted to step outside from that and talk about starting to invest in our futures past school. Being seniors and MIS majors I feel that we should be analyzing the market place we will be joining for knowledge, and investment opportunities. For the most part we are on our own when it comes to our retirement options. There will most likely be no social security for us from the government, and the companies we choose to pursue careers with won’t have much more to offer other then a 401-k. As young adults you might think it is to early to be thinking/planning for retirement, but for us it is not. So my questions to everyone would be:

What financial management practices/strategies could we pursue to ensure we are creating a sustainable future/retirement plan for ourselves so that we can too evolve, change, and grow? Ex: IRS’s, stock market, commodity markets, etc. Also, if you have this set in place for yourself already maybe you could share some of your practices with the class.

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