Advanced Penetration Testing


Week 11 News Articles

Anonymous Hackers Target Israeli Websites and Leak Credentials

As a continuation of my last weeks article.  The group naming themselves “Anonymous” claimed the following cyber attacks against Israel.

150,000 phone numbers, social networks such as Facebook, email accounts  Gmail and Hotmail

Israeli Singer Shalom Hanoch was hacked.

The website of the Israeli Center Education Excellence was taken down

This is the fourth attack by Anonymous on April 7th.

Week 11 News Articles

Anonymous Hackers Threaten Israel with ‘Electronic Holocaust’ on April 7th

In this news article (including a YouTube video), a man wearing a “Anonymous” mask threatens to take down critical Israeli servers and websites on April 7th of this year.  The promise is to “erase” them from cyberspace.  The threat seems to be in retaliation to what is going on with Palestine and the Gaza Strip.

Week 10-One in three of the top million websites are ‘risky,’ researchers find


One out of three of the top one million websites ranked by Alexa are “risky,” meaning the site is compromised, or is running vulnerable software that puts it at risk of being compromised, according to new findings by Menlo Security.The percentage of sites in a category that were running vulnerable software – for the top 15 website categories hovered mostly around roughly 20 percent.

Where aren’t we vulnerable? The war on drugs, the war on terrorism, most “wars” on anything dubbed by the public seem like they are somewhat in control by some entity. It’s starting to show that the war in the digital space has been around for a while, but is really only beginning to show the tip of it’s iceberg. The future will be interesting from this perspective.


Week 10 News Articles


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