MIS 9003 – Prof. Min-Seok Pang

Min-Seok Pang, Ph.D.

Week 12 – Healthcare – paper assignment

Menon and Kohli (2013) Xi
Bhargava and Mishra (2014) Leting, Joe
Adjerid et al. (2016) Sid
Atasoy et al. (2017) Heather
Ayabakan et al. (2017) Jack

I am adding one more reading.

Adjerid, I., Acquisti, A., Telang, R., Padman, R., and Alder-Milstein, J. (2016) “The Impact of Privacy Regulation and Technology Incentives: The Case of Health Information Exchanges,” Management Science (62:4) pp. 1042-1063.

Amrit Tiwana’s paper

Amrit Tiwana from University of Georgia will be visiting Fox School as a visiting scholar for a week on March 12-16. The department is scheduling his visit, and I invited him to join us in our seminar for 30 minutes on March 14.

If his visit is confirmed, I will add this paper to the reading list for Week 8.

Tiwana, A. and Kim, S.K. (2015) “Discriminating IT Governance,” Information Systems Research (26:4) pp. 656-674.

Dr. Peng Huang as a guest speaker on Jan 31

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Peng Huang at Smith School of Business, University of Maryland will join us as a guest speaker on January 31 at 10 AM. His website is at http://penghuang.com/

Please be sure to read his paper from Week 4 by next week and come up with a question to him (although we will discuss this paper on Feb 7).

Ceccagnoli, M., Forman, C., Huang, P., and Wu, D.J. (2012) “Cocreation of Value in a Platform Ecosystem: The Case of Enterprise Software,” MIS Quarterly (36:1) pp. 263-290.

Dr. Keongtae Kim as a guest speaker on Jan 24

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Keongtae Kim at Chinese University of Hong Kong, a lead author of the bond-market paper at MISQ that we discussed last week, will join us this Wednesday as a guest speaker via a virtual meeting for 20-30 minutes. You can find his bio here.

He will join us at 9 AM (10 PM at Hong Kong time). Please don’t be late for class. In our meeting with him, we will ask him about his experiences in writing and publishing his MISQ paper. Please prepare for a question that you might want to ask him.