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Technical Intern

  1. Technical Intern at Get the Picture Corporation
  2. The overall role of my position was to provide technical support for the photography stands at amusement parks. I handled incoming calls and helped remotely, and when needed, I traveled to fix the issue in person. The other part of my role was to help with designing a new feature of the company’s website.
  3. The main project that I worked on was designing the company’s website. The main function of the website allowed users to scan a QR code to be able to purchase and download their photos digitally. So once the user got off of an amusement park ride, they could scan the QR code to see a preview of their picture. If they wanted to purchase it digitally, they could do so. And if they wanted a printed picture, they could visit one of the photography stands in the park. The employee would then be able to scan the QR code and then print out the picture for the user. I helped design the website using HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript. The main purpose in creating the website was to provide a quicker way for customers to retrieve the digital download of their photo, rather than having to wait in line.
  4. I learned a few important things from this internship. First, I learned a lot about front-end web development. The Web Application Development course introduced me to front-end programming languages including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which then allowed me to apply these learned skills to the internship. I really enjoyed being able to use those skills on a project that helped the company. I also learned a lot about how the business was ran. I attended the company meetings and presented previews of different phases of the website. The Business Communications class helped me apply the presenting and communication skills that I learned from the course.

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