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Data Intern

Data Intern – Steppingstone Scholars

Steppingstone Scholars is an educational social mobility organization that works to help underserved students in Philadelphia. I was an intern for the OST High School program team.

My role as a Data Intern is to assist and support the Associate Director of Data and Compliance with various ongoing projects related to implementation of database, technology inventory, and adaptive test, as well as providing administrative support to program staff members at Steppingstone.

Examples of Projects:

 Student Acceptance Data Analysis– I received data sheets on what High Schools our students have applied to, accepted, waitlisted, and declined to, and created a summary analysis of the information.                                                                                                                             Data Imports: I cleaned, transformed, and formatted multiple datasheets from Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel that contained records for student attendance into one sheet in order to sufficiently transfer the records into our team’s database.

I learned how to use my technical and analytical skills to resolve real-world business problems and how to provide support to a non-technically advanced team. Throughout my coursework, I’ve learned the insides and outs of data analysis, data visualization, and more. With my conducted data analysis, my team and I were able to locate errors within our systems, discuss the next steps within projects, and collaborate on how to improve our company’s program.

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