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CBS Launch Intern

  1. CBS Launch Intern – Ernst&Young
  2.  I Aided my engagement teams for the Consulting, Tax and Assurance service lines. I edited and examined walkthroughs, attended meetings with clients while taking notes and documented app controls. I also helped with internal audit reports, Quest Diagnostics state taxability matrixes and Nexus Analysis.
  3. Every engagement team that I worked on had projects for example when I was doing Tech risk consulting I worked on app controls and testing buttons to see if they worked or not and edited the walkthroughs as I went along.
  4. I think the time I spent doing tech risk consulting had the most to do with my major because that side of consulting had to deal with more the the technical sides of things as described above such as testing buttons and making sure everything worked and if not finding the problem. The business side was the internship in total. learning how to work with my engagement team, working in a client environment and contributing ideas and opinions to my team. So the internship was overall very good for my major.

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