Nishith H Jani

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2015


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Nishith Jani

Major: Management Information Systems

GPA: 3.92

Graduation: May 2015

I am a Senior in the Fox School of Business majoring in MIS. I enjoy the challenge of logic and problem solving that differentiate MIS from the other Business majors. I am excited to learn new technologies and develop skills that increase efficiency and profitability of Businesses. I am a self starter who takes challenges head on.  I enjoy team projects and learning new coding languages.  My best asset is my ability to plan and ask questions. Technology is rapidly changing everyday, and with each new development are opportunities and benefits. Therefore, staying current with news and innovations is key to succeeding in IT. I love studying ways technology enhances businesses processes and have been fortunate to be a change agent in my work experiences. Whether I am creating an Access tool for expanding a technical knowledgebase or working with a customer to fix system files, I aim to be at the cutting edge of technology.

Analysis and project management are some of the skills that I have developed and will apply to my goal to be a business analyst, project manager or consultant. When I graduate Fox, I hope that my education and real world experience will make me an invaluable contributor of ingenuity and progress.  Feel free to view my Resume or my contact information.Fox-School-of-Business-Temple

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