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Handling Refunds: Process returns and exchanges efficiently, adhering to store policies and procedures.

Greeting Customers: Welcome customers with a friendly and approachable demeanor, creating a welcoming atmosphere within the store.

Handling Customer Questions or Complaints: Assist customers with inquiries, resolve complaints, and address any concerns promptly and courteously.

Opening/Closing Procedures: Perform opening and closing duties as required, ensuring the store is ready for business and properly secured at the end of each shift.

Register Balancing: Maintain accuracy in cash handling by balancing the register at the end of each shift, reconciling cash, checks, and credit card transactions.

Inventory Management: Assist in stocking and organizing inventory to ensure products are readily available for customers.

Monitoring Security Cameras: Maintain vigilance by monitoring security cameras throughout your shift, reporting any suspicious activities or incidents to the appropriate personnel.

Handling Lottery Games: Facilitate the sale of lottery tickets and process lottery transactions accurately.

Age Verification: Verify the age of customers purchasing age-restricted products, ensuring compliance with legal requirements for 21+ goods.

Bagging Items: Pack customers’ purchases efficiently and carefully, providing assistance with bagging as needed.

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