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IT Webinar: 2024 Cyber Threat Intelligence Trends and Predictions

The webinar covered various cybersecurity threats and emerging technologies, focusing on hacktivism, ransomware, cloud security, and emerging technologies like AI, deepfakes, and RCS smishing. It highlights the geopolitical dimension of hacktivism, where nation-state actors leverage cyberattacks to achieve political, economic, or military objectives while avoiding attribution. It warns of the increasing use of disruptive and destructive cyberattacks by nation-states, alongside traditional kinetic attacks, and notes the challenges posed by the lagging international laws and policies in cyberspace.

What I learned:

  • Hacktivism is used by nation-states for geopolitical purposes, often involving cyberespionage and disruptive attacks.
  • Ransomware poses significant threats, targeting data, supply chains, and cloud infrastructure, often exploiting social engineering tactics.
  • Emerging technologies like AI, deepfakes, and RCS smishing introduce new risks and challenges to cybersecurity.
  • Indicators of geopolitical hacktivism include the emergence of new hacktivist groups and large-scale social media campaigns.
  • In 2024, there’s an expected increase in cyberespionage activities targeting specific targets.

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