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Develop Critical-Thinking, Decision-Making, and Problem-Solving Skills

There were different categories under this title.

  1. Critical thinking – After watching this video I leaned a lot about critical thinking an dit actually broadened my mind abd the way I think about things professionally. I believe critical thinking is the initial step towards building ourselves for future obstacles.
  2. Critical Thinking for better Judgment and Decision-Making – This video helped me learn about how to manage all menbers in a team project and teach them about critical thinking.
  3. Using questions to Foster Critical thinking and Curiosity – I was very weak in asking questions but after going through this video I think it built a confidence within me to move forward and ask questions whenever I wanted to and I am going to use the stategies they mentioned in my upcoming projects.

  4. Improving your Judgement for a better Decision-Making – This topic gave me an explore on how to make a good judgement which will lead to better performance in a team work.
  5. Making Quick Decisions – This video showed me how it is important to be quick in decision making at the workplace.
  6. Problem Solving Techniques – This video helped me better understand how to solve an obstacles by going through its root and getting effective methods to overcome with the best solutions.
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