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New Cybersecurity Reporting Roles

In this webinar Mrs.Thu Nguyen talked about the importance of cybersecurity and its rise as my classmates and I make our way into the career world. She explained to us all that cybersecurity is a very impactful industry as all of the well known companies use it daily and need it for the security of their users. Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more and more prevalent and increasingly severe. For this reason companies across the globe are looking for people who are able to ensure their date is safe and secure.  These cybersecurity actions are also very expensive for companies to implement but in such high demand that finding a job in this field isn’t the hardest of tasks.


I appreciated this webinar for myself because I chose MIS as my major with not much of an idea where I wanted to take it for myself or what I wanted to do with my career. However this gave me very good insight and left me feeling hopeful that there are many opportunities for me in the cybersecurity field. I also appreciated this webinar because as a user of so many social medias, and other sites with my data, I enjoyed being able to understand how I as a user can assure that my data is safe such as two-step verification as Mrs.Nguyen mentioned. That is such an intergral part of some many logins such as Temple University portal that I never thought about before.

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