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1.Professional Sales Organization 

2.Today we welcome a speaker from RLS to talk about business experience and opportunities open to Temple students 

Speakman 112 or 

Day: 9/29/21   Time: 11:55 AM – 12:50 PM 

3.The event was very informative and I leaned many things. I learned that there are things that would make me successful in sales, which include having a competitive attitude, having strong problem-solving ability, and strong communication skills. I also learned some things to expect in a sales role, which include having lots of rejection, pressure to meet goals, and a fast paced environment.  

4.The activity relates to my career goals because one of the careers that I am thinking about getting into after graduation is sales. Sales is a very interesting field and this activity was able to give me further information on what working in sales would look like. 

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