Robert Ciccone

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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QVC Data Analytics Challenge Fall 2017

In Fall 2017, I participated in the Data Analytics QVC Challenge. I was able to analyze data and create a visualization that accurately displayed what solution the data was pointing to. This year, the challenge was to decide when it is most beneficial to release a movie during the year. My team and I analyzed data and found that box office sales were best in the summer on average, but at its peak during December. For this reason, my team and I decided that the best time to release a movie is during December, but if it is uncertain whether the movie will release on time it is best to release the movie during summer.

Accounting Cycle Project

In my Intermediate Accounting class I was presented with the challenge of preparing financial statements for a company. I mainly used Excel for this project. In order to prepare the financial statements I had to organize the data in Excel, then use functions to make decisions as to how I should account for different transactions. I primarily used Excel to make decisions for inventory. I needed to use judgement to decide which method to use for inventory, so I analyzed data using functions in Excel to help me make the most educated decision.



Accounting Cycle Project

Notes and Memo

Data Analytics Project

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