Robert Ciccone

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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Robert Ciccone

Major: MIS & Accounting

GPA: 3.63

Graduation: December 2019

I am a Junior Accounting and MIS major with a passion for excellence, and the motivation to succeed. I am a skilled problem-solver, and I have an attentiveness to detail that makes me want to help others in any way imaginable. Majoring in Accounting and MIS (following the accounting route), gives me the opportunity to help others report credible, useful financial information that will help their businesses excel long-term. Ideally, my goal is to engage in the Audit practice, and expand my knowledge on the procedures of creating financial statements. My second major in Management Information Systems provides me with the technical skills needed of any given employee in the business world. I hope to gain experience with various information systems, and grow my excel while taking MIS classes at Temple University.

Professional Achievements

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