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Internal Company Consultant

Started May 3rd, Ended July 3rd
United Health Group
Worked on an internal acceleration consulting team of 20 people, company as a whole employs over 450,000 people.  The team is part of the strategy and innovation division Located in Boston for the summer. I worked on an AI implementation project in which I created an excel prompt library for the team to use for different areas to help them speed their work up and increase efficiency. Created a library of over 40 prompts for the team to use, each on tailored to individual team members’ experiences that I found after interviewing them and finding areas in which AI could be utilized. In regards to my major, I was relating to a lot of high-level user designers and got to learn a lot in regards to making the best possible experience for someone using a product. I followed a sprint plan for my project which was exactly what I learned about in my leading global digital projects course. I was also able to learn about AI technology and how it affects a company as large as UHG.

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