Robert J. Gonnella, III

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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MIS 2101: Information Systems Organizations

This was the introductory class to the Management Information Systems major. In this class I learned the foundations of some of the different skills that I would come to use throughout my academic career in the MIS major. Before taking this class I was an undecided business student, but after taking it, I found a major in which I could see myself excelling. After the semester that I took this class, I declared MIS as my major.

MIS 2501: Enterprise IT Architecture

Enterprise IT Architecture taught me the ins and outs of creating and configuring a network as well as how to diagnose and address problems. I worked with the Microsoft Azure platform to create and utilize virtual machines in the assembly of my virtual network. In addition to the creation of my network, I also developed my writing skills in writing flash research papers. These papers were persuasive in nature and outlined the business value and technical advantages of different technologies that I was asked to learn about. Some examples of the papers that I’ve written can be found here.

MIS 2502: Data Analytics

Data Analytics taught me how to interpret and read data. In this class I utilized MySQL, Microsoft Excel, and R to aid in the analysis of different sample data sets. Through the power of these different applications I was able to extract useful information from the sample data sets to see things like customer buying patterns, being able to glean that type of information from raw data is a skill that will prove useful in my professional career. In addition to working with the sample data sets, I was given the opportunity to do a research write up on artificial intelligence that can be viewed here.

MIS 2402: Data-Centric Application Development

Data-Centric Application Development is a class in which I learned how to create dynamic web pages that can perform different functions. First, with HTML I learned how to create the basic web page. Next, with CSS I learned how to style the pages in a way that is more visually appealing than basic HTML formatting would be. Finally, with JavaScript I learned how to add functionality to a web page. This class challenged me to thing critically about how to add logic to my code. It was also my first real introduction to programming, and I ended up excelling in it.

MIS 3506: Digital Solutions Studio

Digital Design and Innovation Studio is the class in which I learned how to be a business analyst. Learning by doing is one of the best ways to really comprehend a topic, at least for me, and that is what I did in this class. With my group, Gigster, I worked on the development of a real solution to a business need of an actual client. My group and I worked through the development of a solution from beginning to end. This process included interviewing the clients, creating documentation outline the scope of the project, and creating a prototype. I, along with two other group members, used an application called JustInMind to create a functional prototype to show off our solution to the client.

Professional Achievements

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