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First off let me say welcome to my first ever blog page. ¬†WordPress is the first time I am using a web blog, web design site and professional portfolio to express who I am and my interests. I’m new to the blogging community so I promise I will try to maintain this the best I can.

I want this to be the place where I post content not only on technology or business, but all world topics and events. If things catch my interest then this is going to be the place where you will see what I think first hand. The main page of this blog is where my favorite topics of interest will be posted for all to see.

Managing this page is going to be my responsibility and hobby through out my collegiate years at Temple. I want professionals to see who I really am besides just looking at my academics. By bringing intriguing topics to the minds of my fellow friends, professionals and bloggers I could really give people a feel for who I am.

~Happy Blogging, Roman Nicholas~

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