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Previously before working at The Campbell Soup Company, which you can find out more by clicking this CAMPBELL’S, my work experience was working as a tour guide for Pocono Segway Tours. We have three locations across the Poconos. Shawny on the Delaware, Split Rock Resort, and Jim Thorpe is where I worked for the summer. I gained valuable business knowledge on how to run a business day-to-day, work with customers and interact with people to gain sales. My job was to take people on a tour of the historic town of Jim Thorpe while riding Segways. I had to guide people to the top restaurants, local attractions and give them a history lesson on the town. We were based out of a small bike shop so whenever there was not any work for me to do I would help sell bikes for the shop. I was not getting paid for that but it was a way for me to gain skill in how to sell to people and gauge what a consumer is thinking. I became top tour guide and salesman for the month of June. The town had tourist from all over the world visit and my job was to make them feel like they were still at home.

Before Segway I worked at Heritage Food Market as a grocer. Heritage is located in my hometown of Hazleton PA and is a family owned grocery store. I was hired back in March of 2010 and worked as a grocer for a couple of months. After some experience I was transferred to help out in the frozen and diary sections. Here I was in charge of handling the inventory, ordering and keeping the shelves filled with product. I enjoyed the customer interaction being on the floor most of the time. We usually had a busy store everyday so I was helping customers frequently. During my time here they switched food suppliers. They went from receiving their product from private vendors to Shursave foods. When they did the switch they had to rearrange the store. I was part of helping the process by setting up new shelves, displays, rotation of new product and picking what products would best fit in our store. As an experience worker I was able to help out in all departments. When there was little to be down with my sections I would help out in the deli, produce, cashier and grocery. This experience help me develop skills in leadership, management, marketing and customer relationships.

Before working at the grocery store I worked with my father. My father is a distributor for the Little Debbies Snack Cake corporation. He has been in this line of work for over 30 years with previously working for Tastykake. Working with my father was an experience I will not forget. He taught me how to work hard, sale product, make maximum profits and how to relate to customers.  My day would consist of stocking over 30 grocery stores, quick stops and gas stations a day. I learned how to manage inventory using a handheld computer that would keep track of your product in real time. This is what really got me into the technology field. This computer had all the information he needed to place orders and keep track of the product in the stores. It was really a treat to have a computer like this because it made sure that he always had enough product for the day. In the future I hope my father will be using a computer technology that I invent.

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