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Technology Risk Consulting Intern

  1. Technology Risk Consulting Intern – RSM US LLP (TRC IT Group)
    1. 8- Week Internship spanning exposure into multiple consulting practices including experience/collaboration with Business Application Consulting, PRC, and TRC groups
  2. Tasks:
    1. Analyzed/Tested companies’ risks and system and organizational controls (SOC I & II) across 3 different clients, leveraging documentation and guidelines from previous years
    2. Assisted client engagement teams with planning, fieldwork, and status reports/interactions to ensure proper communication and appropriate comprehension of client needs
    3. Collaborated with other interns and client engagement team to propose an ERP-based solution to higher management, successfully winning the Company’s ‘Capstone Project’
  3. Projects:
    1. SOC 1 Testing (Type I & II)
      1. Testing of internal controls over financial reporting and similar needs
    2. SOC 2 Testing (Type I & II)
      1. Testing of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy controls
    3. Capstone Project (Intern-Wide Company Project)
      1. The goal of the project was to select an RSM client and successfully present a consulting based solution to a current/potential problem that the client faces due to their business or industry
  4. The final Capstone Project was my most enjoyable project, as it brought my consulting experience full circle. Not only was I able to deploy all of the consulting expertise that I gained throughout my internship, but I was also able to do so in a professional manner by scheduling calls/meetings with client engagement teams and truly being able to understand client perspectives & goals. From start to finish, the entire process really demonstrated how the consulting practice works and what it means to present clients with both an optimal solution and a lasting partnership.

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