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JavaScript: Scope

I completed the JavaScript: Scope LinkedIn Learning to gain more knowledge on scope (how to access variables throughout the code) after being introduced to the concept in the MIS 2402 class. This LinkedIn Learning course was taught by Emmanuel Henri, an executive with 20+ years of experience in programming and design. This course helped me distinguish between the different scope options we use on JavaScript. It also helped clarify the concepts of hoisting (moving variables to the top of their scope before code execution) and closure (defining the scope of a variable by its position in the scope). At first, Emmanuel introduced the variable scope; however, “var” is messy and allows for mistakes; therefore, it is not preferred nor recommended. Emmanuel then explained that there are two scopes: local (declaring variables inside of a block) and global (declaring variables outside of a block). He goes into detail about how to properly use the “var”, “let”, and “const” keywords to determine the scope of a variable while considering hoisting and non-function code, such as if statements. Moreover, he also provided exercise files to practice these newly learned concepts along with his solutions and additional explanations that allowed us to compare and correct our code.

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