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Assurance Intern, TPA

  1. Assurance/Audit Intern – BDO USA, LLP
  2. Worked in the Third Party Attestation department, and had the opportunity to look into SOC reporting for different clients. Tested and assured that the client controls were accurate and can prevent risks for the client company. Controls were mainly IT specific. In addition, I had the opportunity to work on SSPA work for different clients. SSPA is for clients who use Microsoft specific applications, and BDO as a company have to make sure that those clients are compliant to Microsoft data policies/privacy.
  3.  SSPA
    • Participated in walkthrough calls with clients, Organized and created client portals, kept track of documentation that is provided by the client, and  tested the actual documentation provided by the client to what Microsoft is requiring.

SOC Reporting:

    • Worked on making sure that the populations sample provided by the client was accurate to what control is being tested, gave risk assessments to client controls, created testing lead sheets for clients, made sure that the lead sheets and the controls by the client were accurate and precise.

4. Having technology knowledge from my various MIS courses helped me identify potential IT risks that the client might face. In addition it specifically helped to have AWS knowledge from the Cloud Architect course since most  clients use AWS as their hosting site.


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