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NetCom Learning Webinar || Top 5 Ways to Deploy Web Content Security

Building a website for your business is necessary, but prioritizing web content security is imperative. If you wish to boost the security of your web content and give your team the due confidence they lack, you must join our FREE webinar to help your team with the best practices in deploying web content security.

This 40-minute webinar will be delivered by a Cisco-certified trainer and covers everything in Cisco security training, from the basics of WSA to advanced topics like anti-malware protection. Help your teams get a bigger picture of different deployment options to help them choose the safest and most feasible option. Our FREE webinar also covers complex topics like user authentication and how to decrypt HTTPS traffic. Register and save your spot today!

  • Cisco WSA Overview
  • Deployment Options
  • Network Users Authentication
  • HTTPS Traffic Decryption
  • Anti-Malware Protection
  • Q&A with Speaker

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