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The webinar was an advisory council webinar ant took place on zoom at 1pm on January 13th and the length was about an hour. The webinar included many helpful hints on how to be able to seem more confident in front of an audience. The speaker was Lonnie Barone and he gave many tips, like using proper gestures, toning the voice, and many more. I learned many tips on how to present in front of an audience and I have learned that it is important to first see the weaknesses and strengths that we have about presenting. This allows us to work on it and to try to overcome some fears while presenting. I have learned that the way you present your hand gestures are also important. When the hands are facing down or inwards, they all have different meanings. The way we stand and position our body plays a role in our confidence as well. Overall, this webinar has helped me with many useful tips for the future. This all helps with my career goals because in business management, it is very important to properly present in front of a large audience. It is useful for many of my courses as well, which involves talking in front of the entire class.

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