Taha Havakhor

Assistant Professor


Taha Havakhor is currently the Research Director of the Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) and Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems in the Fox School of Business at Temple University. His research focuses on IS strategy and the business value of IT, both in established and entrepreneurial firms. His scholarly work has been published or is forthcoming in outlets such as MIS QuarterlyInformation Systems Research, Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Marketing, Information Systems Journal and the Journal of Management Information Systems.  He received his PhD from the University of Arkansas in 2016. Prior to his appointment at Temple University, Taha was an assistant professor at Oklahoma State University.

Taha actively engages with tech entrepreneurial communities in Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York, in various advisory roles. Particularly, Taha has helped several venture capital groups in developing data-driven evaluation metrics to assess the potential of up-and-coming tech start-ups.

Current CV

Published or Close to Publication Articles

In FT50:

  1. T. Havakhor, Golmohammadi, A., D. Gauri, R. Sabherwal. “Success by Talking the Walk: Impact of Sensegiving through Social Media on the Fundraising Success of Business-to-Business New Ventures,” (Conditionally Accepted) MIS Quarterly.
  2. T. Havakhor, S. Sabherwal, R. Sabherwal, and Z.R. Steelman. “Evaluating Information Technology Investments: Does Following Executives’ Trades Help?” (forthcoming) MIS Quarterly.
  3. Sabherwal, S. Sabherwal, T. Havakhor, Z.R. Steelman. “How Does Strategic Alignment Affect Firm Performance? The Roles of Information Technology Investment and Environmental Uncertainty,” (2019) MIS Quarterly, 43(2): 453-474.
  4. T. Havakhor, R. Sabherwal, Z.R. Steelman, S. Sabherwal. “Relationships Between Information Technology and Other Investments: A Contingent Interaction Model,” (2019) Information Systems Research, 30(1): 204-218.
  5. R. Steelman, T. Havakhor, R. Sabherwal, S. Sabherwal. “Performance Consequences of Information Technology Investments: Implications of Emphasizing New or Current Information Technologies,” (2019) Information Systems Research, 30(1): 291-305.
  6. T. Havakhor, R. Sabherwal. “Team Processes in Virtual Knowledge Teams: The Effects of Reputation Signals and Network Density,” (2018) Journal of MIS, 35(1): 266-318.
  7. Golmohammadi, T. Havakhor, D. Gauri, J. Comprix. “Complaint Publicity on Social Media: When Firm Responses to Complaints Harm Firm Value” (forthcoming) Journal of Marketing.
  8. Duke, J., Havakhor, T., Mui, R., and Parker, O. “How Performance Failures, Successes, and Network Structure Influence Change in Venture Capital Investment Strategies” (forthcoming) Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (listed in FT 50)

    Other publications:
  9. Golmohammadi, T. Havakhor, D. Gauri, J. Comprix. “Why You Shouldn’t Engage with Customer Complaints on Twitter” (2021) Harvard Business Review, Online Edition.
  10. T. Havakhor, A. A. Soror, R. Sabherwal. “Diffusion of Knowledge in Social Media Networks: Effects of Reputation Mechanisms and Distribution of Knowledge Roles,” (2018) Information Systems Journal (in AIS Senior Scholars’ Basket of Journals), 28(1): 104-141.


Contact Information

Department of Management Information Systems
Fox School of Business,
Temple University
201C Speakman Hall,

1810 North 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6083

Phone: (215)204-6945
Email: taha.havakhor@temple.edu
My webpage: tahahavakhor.com

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